and as the days come closer to the beginning of reservist, there came the absolute need for preparations. Survival preparations.

for starters, it's time to bring out the "Man" in everyone green man. once, one is in green, we're no longer yellow, white, black, grey, red, or wat so ever colored skin.

it's all green.


secondly, there's an increasing need to improve or to enhance our lingua franca! familiar words like "crystal",  "f", "knn", "knnbccb", "lj", "cb", "lcb", "pcb", "!@#$!@@$!@" will need to go around our heads when it's green time.

considering the army language is indeed a cultural blend… (yah.. we're all green, regardless of color), so is the great army language. we have hokkien, cantonese, english dominating the army lingo. follow by malay, tamil, and chinese, wat so ever language ya can think so.

so, the movie "Jarhead" is an excellant show, since at the start or even at the opening of the show, we have "f" "f" "f" appearing in almost sentence of the diagaloue that exists in the whole show….

and boys, the time to display the @#$%^&*() abilties that will be awaken in green land… 


restringing the SBO or skeleton battle order is a boring task. to tighten every boring joint. to tape every shiny portion with black tape is boring. so why does one need to darken every shiny object on our body?

rule 1: cover all shiny parts with black tape. it's called tactial watsoever.

explaination: picture urself hiding in the dark. an enemy walks pass. he shines his torch at any random spot. something shines n reflects the light back. BANG he goes shooting.

OUCH some1 shouted. the enemy walks over the the location he shoot. flick your body over, and smiles. then he goes on walking as nothing has happen.

morale of the story : ya dead if he sees you. 


kiwiw shoes so that it's black. y? it was say tt the black thick kiwi's suppose to maintain n protect the boots, and of course, the continuos black layer will act as an water proof agent. and of course again, it's black….


let's the swearing begin!