his royal highness has been following the readings of one really "lame" blog. the writings in the blog is so hilarous that his royalness could always get a good laugh from the readings.

sometimes, where he's bored, which seems to occur every fews days or so… he types in the url, and giggles (yes, the word is used correctly here) and gaggle at the poor life of the "lame" blog.

a "life" will really be over-rated. correction. please use the word "outragous" instead. LOL!


back to the gish of nothingness… to the 1@#@!$!*+) beginings of time.

some sage once said: "there's alwasy someone better stronger blah blah then you"

another sage said: "there's alwasy someone worse off then you"

then again, some will think sage 1's words are wise. however, as the years go by, sage 2's saying seem to be getting serious and increasing number of supporters.

take for example. one may say that "oh… army food is disgusting" (which isn't really true.. it's decent). another might mention that the "poor kids in XYZ dun even have food to feed themselves, and ya here complaining… etc etc etc"

that's exactly wat's sage 2's is saying.


now… some1 may complain… "I have but 6 fingers….. i think i'm an odd ball"

another will say …. "oh… shut the nonsese. I ONLY have 5 fingers… dun whine"

6 fingers… 5 fingers.. which is worse? which is better? hmmm…..

takers anyone?