chopsticks. it means 2 chopsticks that had come together. and hence, the pural form called chopstickS instead of just chopstick.

and so, here begins the story of chopsticks…


chopstick A came from land A. chopstick B came from land B. one fine day (this is a lame starting), they meet. the time spent with another chopstick was fun. and so, they became chopsticks.

and then, for some reason which no other chopsticks could know off, the chopsticks decided to become chopstick once again.

but still, occassionally, the chopstick still meet up once in a while, or very often indeed. but still they did not became chopsticks

but for some reason or another, chopstick is brooding over something that was no longer chopsticks… and is unhappy…


spoon, on the otherhand, a friend of the chopstick was wondering y? if chopsticks are now just chopstick, just y is chopstick unhappy about it?

is it because chopstick wans to be chopsticks? or wat so ever?


meanwhiles, spoon, a friend of chopstick worries over chopstick.

and yet, spoon carries his search for spoons. a search for another spoon to make spoon spoons