hmmm… for starters… his royal highness is back, in one piece from guards reservist dated 05 june 2006 to 09 june 2005. five days. (it's 9-5+1 for those who can't really do maths…)

for secondary issues, the guards support log team does "chong sua" too. flanking, shooting, crawling, ambusing, camo-ing. yeah, we do them all, just like the rifle coys.

for more important issues, read below. for really boring or "refreshing army life" where Qm platoon charges at the army, scroll down…


his royal highness had all the time to think in the night when every tom, dick and harry is sleeping. not that there's a lot to think about… but the thinking started in the 2nd nite when he's back from preoutfield underslug training.

the pondering went on on the 3rd nite when the frogs, toads, snakes, lizards were singing in the jungle.

it carried on in the thursday afternoon rest when all came back from overnight outfield training.

and it drag on to thursday nite.

vexed. worried. and sianz about certain issues.

and let's see who's smart enough to piece it all together, since his royalness don't really know what's rambling in the .. –> brain.


Day 01 in reservist: climb up like a zombie to board the 1st bus. meet M-sama and board the 3rd train to boonlay. grab a cab with M n Suf to tanjong gul camp. it's a god forsaken camp. and it's in a sorry state. meet up with the canto kakhia and began the offical cantonese gathering, where all greetings, CURSINGS, screaming.. SWEARING and catching up were all conversed in cantonese. (too side track a bit…: once the green uniform was put on, all the swearing came back like a gush into the mind, and it was put to good use)

the team. cursed all the way in. already, before the grp of us procedd in. yu-an, aka lta tan, was already heard shouting and screaming with the long Q. he demanded for all of us to be rearranaged with another Q. apparently, another boring conhort XXX S.I.R was also sharing the same training grds with us. and he was clearing unhappy abt the drag coupled the poor administartion of the tanjong gaul camp. well… he's 1 of e big shots anyway~ a friend too~ hehe… and the whole conhort of us, the YYY Guards started a new Q for inpro. inpro = incoming processing, where all of us have to get urselves reg n drag in.

the sorry camp has the worse RSM. who forced bullied almost everyone to cut their hair in order to earn a measly 5 bucks. camp. trained everyone like dogs, makes us take off out headdress over n over to inspect the hair do… colors.. blah uiform and other pathenic nonsense…

and off we went in to our bunks.

in the bunks, the whole grp of us chatted. well, let's replace chatted with SWEARED. with everyone gathered, the offical swearing ceremony begain. we have the cantonese grp, the hokkien grp, the english grp. the malayu grp.

now, ppl might ask. where's the chinese grp? nah.. ther was non. it's was all in dialects. the rest just went into the english speaking grp.

since everyone know each other anyway. it was't tt bad. y? cos everyone in the bunk, or rather the YYY guards conhort all came from the same prevoious unit. all those officers n specs n others who's workin the previous mono, namely 11 mono intake.

began take over of their respective areas. understrength, it was #$%^&*()_, and no1 knows wat was going on anyway.i,t was bad, or rather, terrible managament from the start. We were understaffed, as in his highness and his good buddy M , aka uppperstudy aka collegeaue. 2 man to take over the MOST expensive equipment in the FREAKING unit.

not only are they sensative, they are redioulsy expensive… prob abt 5 million dollars worth. just imagine the 2 stores 5 mi being burn down, the SAF will be 5 million shorter. a BRAG? some ppl might say.

let's see:-

HHTI – 120, 000. tt'a 120 thusands dollars. –> tt's e main set alone. we took over 2 sets
accessarys – abt 1000 a piece for the cheapest, and there's abt 10?

LTDR complete – half a million dollars.
and many optical night fighting equipment. abt 200..900 for e cheapest PARTS. 60K for e most ex.

Signal communcation set.

1 complete portable set – 3000 for the small one. the big 1… it's 15k
1 complete vechicular set – 40k

abt 50 pportable set… 15 vehicular sets…

tt's 5 milion dollars ppl…

not to mention the extra parts tt r need to be attached for it to function. and let's drop the fact abt the batteries that are used. and let's drop the fact that every part is serial-zed n unquie…

takeing over is a KILLEr.

isuing abt HALF wasn't fun. argh…. esp all in 1 day with only 2 staff… omg… HELL?


Day 02 in reservist: can't remeber much. more issue of equipment to the commanders. the man, well… too small in rank to use.

underslug training began. got bullied in to join, cos his royalness took part in an real underslug training before. where super pumpers (a saf heliporter) gets to drops off n load supplies. the realy thing was fun, esp when the downwash of the heli was really near.

anyway, the training was sort of a crash course who didn;t know or forgot.

his royalness did the helicopter signalling, or otherwise marshaller. the one who directs and gives signals to the helicopter, 1 of the 3 key roles, while braving the downwash of the heli… all in the dangerous radius of 75 metres…. sighs… now. the life insureances could or might even be put into good use here…. (well.. since it's just training,,, there wan't any copters)

spend e day n night doing tt boring stuff. took some pics. basically a terrorist mask, goggles, gloves, and SBO coupled with some nonsese.

break time: saw ah ming who happen to be e reservist QM for e other XXX S.I.R cohort. quite funny meet friends in e same camp.


Day 03 in reservist: outfield. went to the jungle. camo the 5-ton tt ferried us there. with no proper equipment, the whole toner was cami with nets,s leaves, plants, strings,,,, took an entire HR. which was long.

well, with incompleted stuff. it's consoiidered good.

did the day underslug simluation in the day afternoon. did the nite simulation for the nite. it was BORING? since there wasn't real helicopter… a pity… at least his royaness has done the realy thing before with the heli in the part. few can brag about that.

went to sleep in the nite in the jungle: can't sleep. was toss around. the musical going on was too distracting and the occassionaly curusing was ringing all the nite. the musical consists for hissing snakes… frogs n toads singing… toners moving the in the nite…. sentry screaming "HALT" and of course…. pppl snoring in the nite… wtf!!!

tossing n turn till 5am. before his highness knocked out and the 1st dream began….

cast: his highness, ah my goddess (amg), smellie

highness was chatting with smellie.. abt something lah… abt jersey.. (why ah? dunno.. tt's y dreams are weird…). all of a sudden, amg walked pass and show highness some photos that she took of some kid who was injured and asked his highness to aid her in her clause. (from then all, the camera angel shifted to amg n highness, dun ask him why.. it's a dream..) and then amg said: "ermm… the pics i took, nice right? wat do u think?" and beams an angelic smile….

and his highess was wondering: 1. it's a sad sense.. 2. how come amg is saying that? hmmm.. 3. who come smellie shifted our from view? hmmm….

as his highness proceeds to say YES with zeal… the damm alarm rang… and he wakes….



Day 04 in reservist: started to do an ALL round defence to protect e base. it's called "stand too" .prone on the tall grass and stay still for freaking half hr. all e while observing for enemy intrude-ion (can't spell lah). all of a sudden, the bugs on the ground, mud, grass seem to interesting…… esp when they crawl towards ya… and ya can't move… !@#^!@)$!*

saw a HUMMING bird… it's actually this type of really small bird that is the size of a giant bee.. and bird tt flags it's wings like a lot of times.. as fast as a bee…

tt's was a rewarding moring since a rare sight of humming bird … which includes the dream too… heehh!

enemy attacked with fire. we did a flanking. a 2sg. a 3sg. a cpl (his highness). selected on rank basis after the officers…

well.. cpl doing a example flank.. wtf? crawling in mud, proneing… running.. ambusing.. all that done by storemans.. on wat the hell? well..nthing to say. we are guards after all.. 😦

every3 secs we have to prone down n hide n charge n hide… 3 sec starts. we prone. then run. then 3 sec prone.. wtf… for 1 km…

almost killed all of us…wa…

won, and 3 of us overrun e enemy. funny

watched "blue flim" in the forest. monkeys having sex…. in front of us. great ah!!!

went back. shower n took back equipment from the SP coy to signal store, and hand over 5 million worth of stuff…

it's ex… and when we took over the equpiemtn, highness n M, anything lose.. we're are so dead…s

nite: happy hr. slack. talk cork with e guy for a lot time in e nite… in canto. eng.

dream again: 3 person.

cast: his royalness, terry (what the hell?), royal advisor

plot. 2 person sitting @ some wooden beach table just like the type in NUS studying bench. highness n advisor sitting on e same side. both started talking. as in the previous dream, there was no sound. so the conversation could not be heard. until 1 Qs:

highness said: "so tell me truthfully, are you happy?" –> why such a qeird Qs? no idea.. it's a dream
advisor say: "really, i'm really unhappy and …. (can't be heard)

in the scene was a orange paper cut of drink. highness rose the cup of drink with orange n ice up on to his head. his hands slips. the cup falls. magically, the duo did some kind of off gymastic manauvor that uses both shoulders to hold the cup. both laughs. giggling like a pair of weird human beings..

all of a sudden Terry appears and say something tt can't be heard. and highness pukes all of a sudden. he bends over. and out came out red stuff and red beans. looks like the ice kanjang he ate earlier. (oddly, in the dream, highness assumes that he ate ice kajang in e morning)

suddenly the floor with continou s input of puke carries on gushing on… T says something in cantones tt goes like this:" don't force urself lah"

the puke of red beans continues to look interesting in the scene (the camera continues to focus in depth on the beans) 

——— and then, his highness woke up in cold sweat when melvin woke him up today. just what did T say tt make highness puke?  why did highness asked such a Qs? why was the ans weird n eerie? y did T appear in a dream tt does not match the scenario?——–


Day 05 in reservist: bo liao nonsense on talks. breifing. lots of breifing. and out pro @ 4pm



overall news: boss was given retirement, his highness heard "forcefully" 😦

                   rizal was caught selling illegial DVD on ebay n caught. send to jail 😦

                   Is got into some dump riot and was jailed.

                   another 1 from somewhere died.

                   hokkien soilders are really weird freaks . rude . brag. annoying.

                   once the uniform is don on, every cursing vocab gushes into the mind.

                   ppl in green uniform can't think

                   reservist is a gd gathering session for buddies. made new friends. 1 ICT down. 9 of 10 years to go..

                   there are fun parts.

                   but also crap parts.

                   there are lots of ppl to talk to in the camp. day n night. lots of things to do, yet something is feeling incomplete.

                   it is indeed lonely.


seemingly, a lot has happen in the past week with a lot of people.

think jinxun had her bday on jun9. happy bday to panda gal.