been making predictions for world cup. apparently, the big nations and soccer nations have no make any flumble over the final stage of the world cup.

despite how unearthly some matches where won, or how convincely they were won, if his royalness had learn to art of beauty betting on soccer… he's prob now a wealthy chap.

apparently, when they world cup starts. or even the euro cup. all form of soccer betting ramples on. from legal bookies, to online bookies, to the rise of illegal bookies.

WQ, ah pek, J's on the move to make money again. what else? in the illegal field of course. small time illegal bookies…lol… maybe his highness should learn a bit of betting from them.

lol! since afterall. his predictions are all correect so far. BORING…


drop enough hints, and humans with enough brains will pick the signals up. and as usual, the human who has only 1 head up there are the 1s who seem to have this inert ability.

their other counterparts who seem to have 2 heads, just can't seem to catch up in the intelligent race. his royal highness screams: "i know. i know. they have 2 heads.. and the intelligent just went down there!!!" or "they were thinking more with the other head!!!"