this is terrible… hopes were thrashed aside. good money was lost in bets. friends turning aside from one other. cursing. swearing. all becos of 22 man chasing after a soccer ball. 1 refree and his team of offside hawkman. 2 bench full of subsituties in the game.

soccer. world cup season. the worldcup totally overwrites euro cup. worldcup, a thing where friends can become arch enemies.


japan was leading 1-0 at half time. cheers. an asian proud. and to every1's horror… aust did a miracle. in the last 10 mins, 3 goals ended japan glory. the scales tipped. austrialia WON…

it was WTF!!!

the crowd at the CC was silents. the world was shocked. 3-1. okay. every1 knew japan will lead 1-0 at HF. many knew it's possible for a 2-1 for aust. but NO 1 expected a 3-1.

yes… australia did a mexcio vs iraq miracle. OMG~ wat the hell….

it was terrible..

some1 was telling his royal highness on this news abt australis in the asian grp. apparently. the australians were in the asian grp for  1 reason. they will be slaughter if they did were in the european continent grp. and so, they drop their all highly euorpean status. and become "asian" in the world cup.

well.. so… no honour as such…

2ndly, from all the stats and trends. aust has NV won jap. they did a miracle to break the stats today. omg….

with the aust.jap.crotica.brazil team…

it will seem that brazil. will top the grp. with austria possible 1 second.

y? Japan won't win with brazil. their only hope lifes in crotica whose not their lesser.

with aust having 3 pts. n brazil almost cofirm getting a 3 pt.

for jappies to make it.. they must pray tt brazil draws. or flobs…. anad the other 2 teams screws up.. which is unlikley… as things goes.. BRAZIl n austra will be the top 2 to emerge….


USA vs czech. every1 knows czeh wil win. just by how much it goes.. 0-3 with CZECh dominating the whole game was shocking again.

stats were boosting a strong USA. and then… USA flob. internation plaform pressure? maybe…. well.. USA just can't make it. so.. boys.. back to basketball and american football u go.

soccer game with 22 mans….? just play with ur gameboy….

all HAIL mightly CZECH!

and … it wil be a italy n czech leadin the table! u ROCK



did jersey shopping. ballack no, 23 germany home jersey.. $140. germany home blank:$95. looks cheap.

spain jersey for last season: $64. decent.

blank unbranded adida jersay: $29 cheap
blank unbranded adida jersey withname n no: $35 cheap

but stilll… the germany jersey rock!

best jersey this season: germany home n away. spain home.
worse jersey for alwasy: argentina. crotia.

germany as a nation rock. all hail hilter. seriously, if adolf won't WWII. life will be cool! a team with no stars players w0 ballack who shone in last wc2002. they have team play. great! just a lousy defence…

germany. they will go far.. prob semis 😛 u rock!



left the house a frowning zombie. reach e place a drag. a week has pass from hell. and behold the angels that gathered today. with bewildering =D auras.

almost every1 feel and look e same. expect for stinky smell. a diff aura. a diff look.

very gd indeed!

all hail smiles! the 1, 4ever brighten the day for his highness!

all hail little gal! the 1 with the ideas.

all hail speedy! the 1 who rushes us all for food.

all hail … oh nevermind the men….