the world cup spreads to offices too…

latest news: ys's dad took a month's leave, a phenomen that he apparentsly takes every 4 years for world cup dosage… 

even at the company where his royal highness has worked for a day… the effect is there. zombie moving arounds. humans discussing abt soccer goals all the time, during lunch. work. break.

women, men all alike.

there's even an unoffical pool of money collected .. a self "powered' betting centre by the coy team. OMG!


doing work in a media coy is pretty fun. the enviroment is warming with cheerfuly people who aren't too serious abt the jobs.and attempt to sparkle it up. chatty people! rocks.

at least tere's some new stuff learnt! hmmm~

a media company. perhaps a possible future work place?

best to get the motor running!


the art of wrestleing information from people via the phone has been revised @ the coy which required us to confirm n update their existing database. wow.. and apparently, IT even appears in food industries.. oh my..

had the chance to communiate with well established firms regarding IT media.. 🙂