read the topic!!! dead.


there's this little bet going on in company. once the supervisor leaves for home. all hell broke loss.. which includes the boss of the company.

every places 2 dollar a bet on the final score of a world cup match..

well… since his royal highness wasn't convinced by silvertongue audrey (he's a male.. omg)… audrey justed persuade him to just put in his suggested scores.

he chose:-

1. Ecuador Vs Costa Rica : 2-0
2. England Vs Trinidad & Tobago: 1-0
3. Sweden Vs Paraguay: 0-0

apparently, just for fun's sake…. it was input inside the system tt was created on excel sheet.


on the other hand, lynn the lucky star gal who won the previous matches was like…. hmmm.. glossing over everyone's catches.. and saw his highness's analysis which was diff from the rest. she figures that it was highly possiblE.. and… offer to bet his stats in his place.

and lynn goes betting 6 bucks on 3 matches….


threathening to kill.. butcher.. poor highness if it's not correct!


omg.. LYNN will KILL him now….

cos equador score a last 90min+ 1 min GOAL.. wtf!!!!!!

it was 2-0! and into extra time.. it's a germany poland repeat.. of last min scoring… ending up in 3-0! OMG!!!!!!

lynn will KILL his highness… 1982 killing 1984! sobs!


but this proves one thing…. his highness is ALWAYS correct on which team wins… hm… expect for the poland n equaodor match..

for now.. germany n equador are into the top 16 seats!


considering that the top of roundA will play runnerup in grp B n vice cersa… most likely.. it will be germany trying the best to win ecuador in the next match. so that they won't have to play with ENGLAND who will DEFINITLY top grp B..

so… if germany wins equador… they will top A n play 2nd in B which will be sweden.

with germ winning them. they will enter quaaterfinal

england will play with equcado n win.. n enter quart too!

both will not meet in quarter!

so… to F&N M&M: the white t0-shirts is a good choice after ALL!!!!