and so, with a cold on his tail, his royal highness proceeds to meet up with the cchsm mateys! guys a-hoy! excessive overdose of men on board. single women beware!!! for cchsm pirate group has arrived!!!

and as usual, the earliest on board the pirate shit at ecp aka east coast park mac was…. no other then, mr rabbit aka ys, and his royal highness aka rpg… yeahdayeahdayeahda…

with antz.. ah huan.. joel and xl aka jacky a close third. and god like desporado arrives with no wallet. no phone.

and we have ls.. the pig pigging in his mudhole @ home…. well.. he's 4ever waking up late…. etc…

and… MIA jj who's like… wat? MIA LOH!


eons since joel meet with us sia… well… let's considered it a 1st after the boys grad from good old cchsm! well…let's say.. everyone changed a bit here and there. fun!

at least.. joel has lost… wat we termed as his bomb attack. guess…over time, everyone changed much for the better!

oh~ the great cchsm days where everyone experience thick and thin… including all the unhappy times… and everyone surviving the most diff period of our lives from teenhood!

and such sweet words from joel! he say: " wat… rp… slim down a lot wor…." so pleasing.. "very confident now leh" so pleasing.. as opposed to poor round shy shy shy shy timid timid timid rp! "very tall leh…" so pleasing… heyhey… not everyone's is as short as his royalness back then okay…. i mean.. who can beat an astonishing 1.44m @ sec 2…. not to mention the body of a soccer ball wor!
being the poor little round boy. and SHORT among the giants was the most depressing moments of his cchsm life… at least… now… it's fair everyone has grown tall loh….

oh~ a pt to noted. joel agree tt having lots of friends with the opp gender do generate lots of fun and joy! CHEERS!!!! 


apparently, XL has confirm his placing in FASS… and a crash course was conducted by his "so great" haremhood royal highness to XL aka jacky (as he so calls). with rabbit, antz and the rest avocating the royal "harem", no wonder his highness has the right to conduct a course for XL.

special thanks to rabbit and antz who spotted highness lunching with his royal tourages… and from that day onwards…his royal highness has become the "harem king"


went biking @ ecp. it was the worst experience… and as usual… biking with men.. alwasy leads to physical injuries to 1 in the grp. the other time rd with rabbit … rabbit has the wonderful wound. another time with JJ… he got wounds too… another rd with LS.. he earned a nice scar on his back… making it sexy… hhohohho

this time round…. joels' bike pracitcally fall apart. the axel broke. and as a result.. the bike could really be ride @ all… end up.. the whole team went back to the biking shop for a change… (well… it's "LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND" policy.

the process of getting back was funny. a called from rabbit prompt his royalnesss to drop back for joel. since when did his highness became the local biking "specalist"?

and the mission to ride n balance the bike was done. riding 1 hand and holding the bike in the other was a difficult act to manouveur… and it ended up with his highness flying!!!! flying real LOW… ouCH…. *not another scar* 😦

and next, he invented "kick-biking". everyone knows abt the KICK SCOOTER…. in which some poor indivual gets to balance his weght on this platform with wheels… and kicks off his life to wherever land…

it's the same concept with the bike. sittin on the bike… and kicking with 1 foot from the other LONG LONG end of ECP to the rental store. it's such a blessing that 3 person rotate to get the job done….


wat can we say.. KICK-BIKING!

and it indeed earn the stares of many in ECP.

"wat? tt's crazy.. dangersous.."
:look.. it's so cool! izita new sport?: