his highness was watching the last epidsode of "fate stay night" anime, when one phrase of the anime caught his attention…

with his dying breath, the evil doer of the show, mentioned: "there are things that are beautiful because one cannot possess them…"

and how true it is… 


so, in actual fact, there's a always a different between, "pretty" and "beautiful" if we happen to use such a defination from the anime show.

how his royalness beg to differ.

1. pretty should really be based on appearance. 

2. beautiful people are pretty at heart, not neccesarily beautiful due to their appearances. alternatively, those who with a beautiful heart, graceful, elegant, and wat so ever are really beautiful people.

3. but then again, most people just jolly holly assumed the 1st to be true.

what so ever….

just dun use the word "beautiful" loosely…