and so, the day with work in polo T was hilarous…

lynn… miss gambling queen… aka miss rude mouth with her frequently knn.. ccb.. lj… was much welcome with us 4.

and ww. ah huan join his highness and antz @ work.


working in polo T prove to be stressing. back when work in the army was just green uniform, there was no need to get a hussle over work dress code. now in coy, it's different matter.

if one was to scout the royal wardrobe of his highness… it wil be in a mess… since one will really have to climb in.. n dig out all the polo Ts…

flooded with Tshirt.. a polo T seem to be a rare thing to find.

and hence.. shopping!!!! on GSS after work!

where' the shopping consultant by the royal team? hmm.. hELLo hErEE~~~

knock! protector? advisor? all mia~



polo Ts… an absoulte @ hang ten… the causal polo T short 🙂 a load of shirt heavier.. a lot lighter in the credit department.. a card heavier in the card department.. and .. well.. less wealthY!

and a bag of clothes n jumper.. blah blah.. 1 3 digit gone with other merchadise