wat a marriage? a Qs that was discuss on a channel U talkshow just minutes ago… well.. it's actually still been broadcast on the television.

considering that a lot of cheesy programs have been air continously on the local media station, such a talkshow really generate much respone on the show.

so, what's marriage? a paper? or a social confinement on an indivdual?


actually, his royalness thinks it's just a piece of paper. just like the paper qualiflication that every being on the living world having the greatest urge to have a dipolma or even a degree to earn scraps.

another person might think marriage is sacred. his royal highness just thinks it's scary.

cos, really… humans change.

once moment ago, they might say " i really like/love u", another month later.. they prob say the same thing to another indivdual. 



others may say it's simply bullshit. a matter of a month, and all the love has evaporated.

in reality, such matters can happen at anytime.

one moment, the indivdual could mean all they said when they go sugarly :"i love u with all my heart". and yes.. when they says it… they truly mean it… AT the moment.

another moment, they can repeat the same almightly phrase to another, yet… meaning n having the same connotions.

YES.. it is possible for an indivdual to love a whole group of humans.

it is true.


and so… if the marriage bounds and limits only 1 love per indivdual. it's not really realist. cos.. love go and die. ppl move on to diff phrase of life.

at diff stages of our short life, our version of what is love changes.

the perspectives could be arrayed into many factors.

lonelyness… seeking companship…envyness.. jealousy… sex…appeal… understandly…desire…comfort…sharing of the minds… abilty to strike up…. trust…

hence… with the introduction fo marriage and it's bounding social cages…. theres no point to marriage..

or rather…the concept of having many loves with many is really the upmost religion.


so… it's totally… nevermind that…

and his royal highness wonders… just how many will be feeling disgusted abt such concepts that his royalness bears?

maybe his highness isn't just so royal anyway… 

no wonder he doesn't desire marriage or the notion of having kids much…


then again…. he is his royal HIGHness after all..

high high.. up into the sky… without any indivdual to E-V-O-L one….

SLOW n WOLS for those who can't understand EVOL…