door 1 is muddle head n closed off for the moment n sidetracking

door 2 is reliance of door 1, and finding the key to unlocking door 2 is a drag
door 3 is pigging away as usual.
door 4 hiding in a sun-depriving location justn't aren't a good outlet

door 5 fulls of men who can't serve as a outlet


ringleader 1's afk-ing

ringleader 2's in HK

ringleader 3's isn't a good outlet point


assistant door aka assistant ringleader is paranoid. without a door to chose, with all doors closed, with all ringerleaders mia or on the verge of mia-ing…. he's going mad


zoo land is out. since zoo's land located in jurong. vehicle land is currently parked full. the big cats are buzy. the K's not anygood.


and so, the lone cat continues to roam the empty streets of the meandering alleys… as a cat does…. with all his stealth, silence, lone ways…

as cold as he is… he goes on…