and as the world continues to go round and round, the lives of earthlings continues to be bewildered at the boring events that seem to clinging on to his royal highness…

and as the stories goes…

from the previous episodes… a rebellion was staged at work. and the first clash has occured, if it's even just beginning.

a silent rebellion. the mark of a slow tempo work. still achieving the work scope, however with a huge reduction of morale in the team.

of course… a pay cut. which fool will work their sorry arses off? Ans: NO ONE with a decent mind. considering the 4 have 4 brains… the maths is easy.

pay cut? maybe that's an overstatement. (well… the word usually used here is understatement… lol). considering the statment from the almighty and "well-liked" jane: "form next week onwards, you guys come at 0930 instead from 0830 MY Orders"

oh well… less 1 hr work = less $, which leads to a huge lump sum when ya chunk it all up. and of course… with less $, and less time. the overall efficent and team morale will rocket!!!

upwards or downwards? one might say… well…. GUESS!!!

and of course… with his royal highness himself. and with the team gesture. the new theme became (not that there was ever one to begin with..):-

"R has meet many wonderful plain janes… and then.. he meet the real JANE, and hell broke loose…"


the blogging community has been circulating a truth that bloggers who blogs about their work discusing workscope, load, people, or badmouthing superiors get the hard time.

let's see:-

1. jane isn't his highness superior. let's consider the notion of being inferior?!

2. considering how well like jane is, with a popularity factor of nil. nothing said.

3. his royalness never say jane is a #$%^&*()_+. his royalness thinks jane will be well liked too… IF she change. but considering another truth, tt jane will nv change… the answer is 🙂

because the above 3 points that were shared wasn't thought provorking at all, there's absolutly no stand for his highness being compliacated into any legal pushover…


and with reduce effiently work production, the window messages seem to the ulitmate choice to ease the workload. MSNing towards the end of the day as the already slow tempo goes into draggin mode…. it's LURING.

and that's when the time to msn a couple of matey's went bouncing into action.


in actual fact, as the world around highness continues to circulate around grumbles… men… old women… men. and more men…. n more n more men…. more n more n more n more n flooding buckets of men…. the world outside has taken a more challenging.. or somewhat problematic twist.

a matter of weaks… "chopstick C wrapped in lineings" started a joint venture with "chopstick D" in the investment call BGR. why chopsticks C n D? do they hold any signifance meaning? well.. the catch's this: everyone uses A, B to start a hidden lingo plot… C n D will definatly upset the equation.. and leave everyone looking for A n B(hey.. A n B just appear… <—: look left)

and just weeks (putting the letter 's' maybe make it seem long… it's actually… isn't tt long at all.. lol), problems, issues and small little things surface.

stuffs like parents frowning… a possible age disparity… a possible education gap… and wat so ever.. all the stories abt the social differences that alwasy occurs in project BGR.

for someone like high royalness who's properly idealist abt such notions.. perhaps the social differnce is really crap? or perhaps it's "oh.. great love conquers ALL" bullshit really…

the heart will always goes "gaga" over such matters. love conquers all… not true lah… on the other hand, the brains goes "logical" over it.

matters like… "she's going to be with me for the rest of my life" sets in… imagine talking to some1 who's properly a notch difference. it will be terrible to face tt "model" of product for long hrs. once the fasciation is over. it's over.

wat abt chosing an excellant.. or gorgerous hunk, beauty? as time pass… the novelty decays away..

and back to the topic… his highness been's sidetracking lots.. right? (well…. nvm tt)


if ever such a option was batoned over to high highness.. it will be…

Brain >> heart, despite the strong protest from within…

then again, for some1 who's into hots with a new project BGR investment… will the notion be passed over? yes… but it takes time.

and for the time being… highness simply listens… and cheers wat ever decisions, mental load tt chopstick takes on.

mental support. over a virtual network.


and well… even in this tiny portion in his royalness's soul that goes on "hearting", the brain will sadly, win. social disparity, communcations is a factor to consider.

and on the trip home, with such thoughts on weaving, the daymares can. perhaps it ought be consider an imaginy scenario.

put his highness in a room with noone else, but "amg". the communcation level will never progress beyonf mindless chatter, despite how pleasing his highness goes…

put his highnes in a rom with noone else but "an imaginery ideal". maybe something magical will happen. then again. the magical will still be dispell…

and the main pt is. his royalness savours n is bewildered with amg. yet, no great soothslayer can see a road ahead. 


just how weak, the human soul is. to be dishearted by mandane matters. afterall, just how big a deal is war? when humane interior conficts are not resolved.

stop thinking about war, soccer or watsoever.

think abt the human interios conflicts for a change.