and of course, with the “ideal” management in office… everyones get’s a day off from work!?

as the story preludes or watsoever term should be used… installant 3 appears in the “boring adventures of his royal highness


so it’s off tml. reason being logical. the coy has this mini convention that involves all the top management of all SME n IT organistaion. with the whole coy being involved in the convection… the office will be empty. so no 1 in charge = no cash inflow. sobs..

apparently, this will continue on to fri. who knows? thurs will be an off day too? a much perfect day for “superman” watching…. where NOone appears. HOW almighty

superman isn’t so super after all.. i guess…


since tml’s a free day… the trio east towners had a walk at TM, CS for a hunt of a cool earphones for his royal highness… and hey.. guess wat… the gem series is the trend for earphones! head phones….

but… the same design, the same color appears on every tom dick and harry… and it turns off his royal highness radar….

oh well…

guess it’s an old rotten mounty headphones for this difficult period…


a bridge is really a thing that connects different countries… entitles… people…. men…. women…. nonsense… watsoever.

sometimes, when a bridge goes a touring… the link somewhat get discorts and goes haywiring. and sure it goes… with the many calls on the hp in e afternoon. and so, the bridge is sorely missed. argh…


and then… from the art of conversation. at times, a phrase, comment or even a slip of tongue could mean worlds to another party.

perhaps E does not mean that to F. perhaps it’s simply a slip of tongue. perhaps it’s actually contains a diff meaning. then again, when it’s vague and slippery…. F will generally get a wrong idea and get terrible irrirated.

maybe F thinks too much… maybe not…

and well… maybe then…

as it appears… the “bridge btw the worlds” is indeed missed.


well well well… as least for consolations…. tml’s a nice day… maybe not? oops.. it’s already today….

ecp ecp all e way.


hmm… as his royal highness ponders… he goes ting-a-ling-ing. how come he’s able to do an G and a H to and I and a J, yet is terrible afraid to do a G n a H to “amg”

ah my goddess indeed.