yes… and germany wins 4-2 on penalties, rocking the world of the 2 die hard (not so hard) fans. M&Ms was the lady of the group, dress in the germany track attire top~ wow!

let’s see, the sexist country top ever. germany.

what’s next? germany has the best home n away team jersey. dun ya all think so?


a stressful beginning in which the argentians goes whack all out, forcing germny to retreat, retreat retreat. at a 1 time, almost all 11 were back in the germany half. omg!

the 45min mark the time for a regroup. great job to defenders, number 16 who came with a elastic cast on his arm and number 1 john leenman

regroup, and germany was back playing with class. tt’s the right way sia.

and tragey stuck. the argentina score. omg.. it’s terrible.

the germany supporters were like @#$%^&*()_ n feeling the down. the germany portion was cold down. silence.

and the argentina supporters become annoying n noisy….


and charming klose SCORE @ 80min! an equaliser! just look at klinnsman’ look! the coach klinsmans was jumping! celebrating! he just miss a cartwheeel, somersot!

and things look! gd! with argentian going all out again.

just 1 Qs. y was number 10 juan sub out? when they were leading?

y must argentina alwasy go the “i’m injured, i’m fouled by !@#)” when they lead? hmmm…

germany has class! yeah! the gentleman grp


extra time. germany were outclass by argentina flank attack. omg. keeper n numbe16 save e day. 22 save e day too.

extra time 2. argentina went all out. germany hold. 10x lord.


penalty shootout. tt’s really worrying, considering th arsenal keep john’s a bit shaky. he save 2 of 4 shoots. germay scored 4 of 4.

n GERMANY WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the high 5’s tt went on with M&Ms, his royal highness,Os was painful. lol….

germany score. high5 1

germany penalty score high 5, and it contines for 3 more times.

end of day. score palms.


now.. left for adidas to earn 95 bucks from his royal highness!!!

germany top wears. highness, M&Ms.

germany ROCKS!


earlier part of e day… swim. jacuzzi.. steam walk walk walk. walk walk walk music

grp2: soccer.

overall. GERMANY rocks.


morale of the story:

1. it’s fun to watch soccer ONLY if u have company tt supports the same team.

2. it’s fun to watch soccer ONLY if u have company tt shares the same sentiments.

3. man of match IMHO, klose for equaliser

4. man of match IMHO, john lenman for penalty stopper

5. man of match IMHO, no.22 who chase e balls. no.16 who came on with gd defending with a cast. no 13. ballack for maintaining the team presence n power!
6. man of match, MR Refree! who’s nice!

7. noob of match, friggs. sleeping.

8. lady of the game: M&M for being so ON! woR!!! n of course the germany spirit of wearing germany colors! lalala! Germs AHOY!


and yes, his royal highness is behaving like a kid who’s have it his way 😛