there’s was this time during dinner outside when there was quite a lot dicussions and opinions raised throughout.

from goverment polices, parties, voting to general bullshiting idealogies and future idealogical prospects.

the humans then went another step further to condem with talks like “oh… XXX field ppl sleep their way up to their positions. it’s the truth. blah blah blah”

his royal higness “… … …. …”

tt earned the ‘comment of the night’


jersey jersey, german jersey where r u? y aren’t ya in the adidas stores?


sometimes, perhaps in a distant past. the action to do a communal thing could be classified as an act to perhaps have a bonding.

then again, ever wonder how degrading it is to possible to be enage with a plastic human?

plastic 1. grins. smiles. corky shit

plastic 2. trying to be damm xl in another.

plastic 3. oh. i am like that. no happy.. etc etc etc…

maybe they should watch the movie call “mean girls” starring linsay lohan who’s pretty much a plastic i guess….


super is overdue. 😦


M called. M’s in deep shit. sound sad. then again, there’s nothing much to be done. a finiancial crisis over M’s side. need a lump sum to tide over the tides…

it must be pretty bad for M to turn to others for aid. considering it’s nv M’s style to do that. a lump sum. perhaps urgent cash for an operation within the family?

god bless…

then again, life is fragile.

and then, if lots of cash fall from the sky, perhaps his royal highness can extend a bigger hand.

fund transfer done.

n his highness’s vault if pretty low. ouch

boss called too to check out on M.

god bless. factoring that M’s not the most popular human around. every effect counts.

maye the lord’s strength be with him and his spirit be in him.

bless u M to tide over.


worries get real as one moves on with time. age is not mercyful.


spent the day with “thunder-ling” @ bedok reservoir watching dragon boating. end up walking a big round with “thundergal” as the wind blow.

chat. share some thoughts.

and his highness ponders after the day with a frown in his mind.

if an A want a B with C but is D about it. his highness shares his ideas on how to E it

then again.  even it’s really doing it. and considering his highness has E it. it was a F in the end, with G’s on level with H scale.

hmmm… confusing?


welcome to the isle of the winds, where there’s only 1 cave. and it’s his royal highnesss…

and the dock to his isle if closed for the time being.