and it’s a strange thing to happen to someone as mighty as his royal highness, backed by his trusty royal advisor, and protector.

and who knoes, it’s… OMG!

despite the royal 3 rampaging through the courts of orchard road, they were beaten by the germany jersey that seem to be SOLD out.

S-O-L-D out, they all claimed. this is a disaster, really a world class castrophasye…


work ended. assignment completed. salary claimed despite the shrewd lady supervisor who attempted to CHEAT us of the $. it’s a wonder y antz can be so non-anal abt it.

he goes, “let’s take this small loss as a lesson learnt”

then again…. his royal highness goes… “nah”

nasty people deserved none of this respect. and a war accelerated.

to claim b the “cheated” cash.

it’s actually a insignificant sum of roughly 20 bucks.

but hey… it’s the principle.

her underhanded methods of using devisdes methodogy disguise everyone. oh when open confrontation was near, the shrwed bitch goes into hiding… and let’s her subordinates open to deal with fury highness…

the wrath of his highness is GODLY!

then again… chicken chicken shrewd women lose e mine skirmish.. 🙂

a small leap for royalty, a giant plunge for the shrewd BITCh. yeah~ she deserved such a title


sometimes, his highness wonder, why would some1 stup so low as to cheat poor undergrads? Boos!




and @ dinner. her royal advisor went…. ah…. A wans to watch world cup too! WOW! so cool! so interesting!!! the more interesting human beings there, all the better!

hints hints! 🙂


lala! every wonder how some1 could also go into,” lala lala lala whacky whacky mode” with some, and yet slips in “ caught my tongue mode”

let’s see… B can go haress every1 to do something, and yet is totally chickens to haress anther to a simply event!

aH! the power of highness diminished in front of selected humans…