okay…white shirts wins! it’s france in finals. althought france’s color jersey is in blue.. because they r playing as away team in finals. they wear white! yeah!

now the jersey made is in gd use!


young team germany will be playing as home team in 3rd game match.they will wear white too!


was actually hopping for a  germanyvs france final.. well…

then it will be a white n white color war.. n since germany is host. they will get to chose white.. n althought white is e away color for frane. they will b force to wear blue.. oh well… 🙂

kudos to germany for coming so far with a young inexperience team n coach!


kudos to france with a beautiful win! such CLASS!

and the penalty was well earned with portugal fouling henry!

BOOs to portugal for trying to foul n foul in the 2nd half as the time expires..

we see c. ronaldo  trying to cheat n cheat n cry foul to cheat a penalty! BOOS!

portugal… cheaters.!

for ur own sake.. play beautiful ball. NOT cheating!

Boos to u for getting roodney out n making england lose a chance. Boos to U.. (oh.. fyi to all. engalnd wear white too)