well… cheaters never win. at least for now, justice has been given back to the germs. a young team that encourages fair play, who still tries to get the ball even after a foul by the ports…

yup! ports LOST! germanys 3 – 1 ports

remarkable ball by schw, number 7!


what’s new? we have c.ronadlo doing the classy… he foul me… and his red patches @ e bmt of his eyes.. and his silly urges to break down n weep.

run run run.. n BAWG! c.ronaldo falls on the ground.

the viewing area was filled with germany fans. equiped in white tops :P. the ports present were @ a minority.

when c.ronaldo got the ball.. or approach…

the word “fall fall fall” echoed throught the room.

and dutifully, c.ronaldo falls…


a deserve germs win! well organized. well rounded team who runs for the ball. just look @ number20, young player of the year, podloski who was chasing the ball in the 1st min.. from midfield to top to bmt flank. LOL!

tt’s e way!

justice to ports: at least the goal by nemo was gd. fair n square.

Boo the divers n cheaters in the squad. and maybe ports will elevate:P


a thousand cheers to germany. feeling proud. n continues to wear the germany jersey!