italy wins the game and is now crowned the 2006 world cup champions!!!

a good excellant display of game by both teams.

Excitments of the Game:-

1. ZZ boy Zidance head butts… and got a red card.. a definite sinner tt cause France

2. Del Pelrio tries to cheat… but.. nthing happen. a player of class tries to cheat.. lol

3. David Trezeguat… tries a zidance penaly style n Misses…. (sinner no2 for france)

4. Henry gets subs out. ribery gets sub out. 2 class players sub with Treze who sins… and somes silvery chap.. who’s haven got much of a presence in game. n boi.. henry n ribery were in form with pace then… thumbs down to romario france coach…

5. refree awards unjust penalty to france in 2nd min. Boos to him

6. referee fails to award penalty TWICE to france in game.. Boos to referee… for making the game drag w0 a winner! deprived the poor souls of sleep!!!!

7. buffon (italy) is the MAN of e match…!!! keeper of 2006 i reckon. follow by jens lennmans(ger), and the unknown switerland keeper

8. best defend. cannarvao (italy) follow by phillip lahm (germ)

9. best game ever: germany vs argentina. germay vs italy. italy vs france. england vs portugal

10. roughest game ever: holland n ports. Boos to ports

11. cheaters united of the year: portugal (just c.ronaldo’s fault)

12. best coach: klinnsman (germ) n italy’s coach. not 4getting scholari (port)

13. coolest coach with e best character n kiddY!: germany’s klinnsman!!! he jumps like a kid! a man who can behave like a man.. n behave like a kid. earns THUMBS UP!!!!!

14. fallot of e game: ronaldoino…. ronaldo… frank lampard

15. team tt earn his highness’s respect: germany. italy. france. germ for coming so far for a young team with an inexperince coach. france for coming far despite the old age accusations. italy for showing class.. alhtought i still can’t forgive tt italy cheat stuns vs germany. Boos to totti (italy) C’est la vie。。。C’est la guerre。。。
16. best diver n cheater of the game: c. ronaldo (port) francist totti(italy)

17. golden world cup score : klose (germany)

18. most overrated player: ronaldino. totti

19. best captain: beckham (eng) for scoring n puking. ballack (ger) for his prescene n his accurate pass cross inspiration. cannovalo (italy) supior defense

20. worse refree ever: holls or volls chap. gave 3 yellow cards n still no red card

21. best soccer ball ever: the black jose+10 ball… BLACK.. golden is ugly!

C’est la vie。。。C’est la guerre。。。 it’s a war afterall. n tt’s life