and his royal highness thinks he’s really a horrible judge of human character… but then again, how many will disagree or agree with such a statement?

perhaps communicating with so called “beasts”, the supposingly lower heriachey of the world could enlightened us?

beasts, our fellow mammals communicated with roars, bleachs.. howling.. shrieking… chirping which seem awlfully rude to us. at least to the min, it’s still a communication agent that is agreeable to them. and most importantly, they do not go by “your. your. your”


“your” this.”your” that! WHAT? UR what? THINGS?

A: where’s your XYZ and YOUR TUV
A: get your XYZ to go too
A: sorrie. can’t meet u and your XYZ

taking note XYZ is really the name of a fellow royalty
now, humans really like to communicated and tried another of their peers as things. things to be toss around. things to be given. things to be share.

what’s wrong with the humans?


and on the phone conversation, his highness tried to correct the other human that “your” isn’t exactly a term to be used on his royalness’s friend.

still. the “your” term goes on. rattling on…


still, human A went unnoticing to the irriation of his highness…

human A’s alright in all human aspects.

perhaps the notion of human A happily grouping friend XYZ, TUV as things of his royal highness just bugs him


humans are not belongings of another human.


on another note, there’s alwasy shows that involves 2 guys. 1 gal.

the poor 2 chaps will fight over the gal.. etc etc over love dovey issues. basically, some shit will happen. the other will say: she’s yours! take care of her.

story2 will go. 2 chaps will still fight over a gal. they will compete. the prize will be the gal. and hey.. there you go.. the gal became a trophey. a PRIZE to be won. A material. a THING!


however, under the barbarianc behavoir of boys, their speech of treating others as things is logical due to genre instincts.

HOWever, it’s unsightly for a FEMALE to treat another FEMALE as an possession of a MALE. totally wrong….


perhaps it’s all a blunder. a sort of a conceptual thought. but it’s once too many. 😦



the word I I I isa selfish thought

the word YOUR YOUR YOUR is a similar thought weighing the same sins!

taboos taboos.. infrigement number 1!