and it’s time for daily nonsense from his royal highness’s column, where nonsense, spelling errors, vocab and grammer errors rock the sky(let’s not forget all the alighment errors, spelling errors… and all the ugly ugly messy messy thoughts…) hehe!!!

and so, the trip to getting a printer was a success. the trip to get CDR tt work was a success. the mission to do a feedex delivery to royal advisor was a success (and yes.. the jersey’s great! 🙂 we must all wear it like.. so SOON)


the real nonsense of the day came on the trip back to the palacce. there’s seem to be FA LONG GONG members distributing pamplets… photocopied papies… and having all those ugly ugly white posters set up along the side of some pathway.

and it show gross pics which mimicks and compares it to WWII POW treament torture. defintely attention seeking, one will argee with his highness.

but, it’s distasteful. with all the groqsome pics.

the information spread goes like this: fa long gong members are capture and torture by CCP (China [or izzit it chinese?] communicst party). their bodies parts are ripped apart and sold to some other countries.

next, they go on bragging how we must stop this. stop that.

and wat’s next? the members go shooting around tt Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is wrong by awarding a honory doctoarte to some guy who’s involves the organ selling n organs robbing of captured fa long gong members.

“we are watching you lee kuan yew” “you should be ashamed” because Mr Lee and NUS has awarded the docorate to some chap.

the articles goes on ashamed of NUS , ashamed of mr lee.. ashamed of watever nonsense…

oh.. the title was :Falun Gong Practitioners Openly Advise Lee Kuan Yew:


from an objective pt of view. the attention was a success!

why? they block the traffic with ugly pics. they STUFFF the pamplets into ur hands.. whether u wan it or not. they block u if u dun get it… they get old grandmas to do tt dirty job.

well.. with such gimmicks.. who won’t listen?


on another hand, it’s a complete failure!

why? pointing accusing @ nus n mr lee is a wrong thing.

without concrete evidence.. there’s legal basis for fa long gong to be charger n sued for doing just that.

2nd: awarding the doctorate to whosoever does not mean nus/mr lee suport the chap’s ideas (if he really goes organs poaching)

3rd: the honoury docorate has no link with fa long gong


for everyone’s sake. fa long gong in singapore should just carry on their normal qiqong activites and live a peacful life like any practitictors..

after all… SG did not ban fa long gong. SG did not do weird sansations on them.

creating uproar with SG public with the angry accussation isn’t very smart n logical.

SG fa long gong has not pt in creating uproar over stuff tt supposely happen in China…

no deal.. ther’es NO connection…




ah.. so many appointments.. so little time. and his highness is ill! BOO! after arranging the room. mass moving of stuff from rooms… and tidying it ! HMPF!


at least the room look better n nicer noW!

now.. it’s left with the wardrobe! OMG! another big project!