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twins have their own secret language… well… to be exact, all twins have their own secret language that is unique to themselves…

now, you may say that it’s not a big deal indeed. since sisters or brothers that have a slight age gap of about 2 years have their secret codes too.

however, it’s different…

was actually watching “Bump Off Love 17” episode a.k.a 爱杀 17 – episode 01 of 13 starring Angela Zhang. she’s acting via 2 characters, twins.

it’s amazing how the brainwaves of twins reasonate with each other. A goes winks, and B understands the notion. A slips on a mask of emotionless, and no one could tell the change, but the twin B understands and goes in support rapport mode.

this other twin tt his royal highness knows.. jy n jd. a pair of totally opp twins. one’s fire. the other’s ice. not that they have different reactions, it’s a matter of them having diferent characters, and yet be stil able to rapport the same support and … enstablish the same social cirle. Y has a clinque XYZ who knows D. D has his own buddies who knows Y. ah.. the best of both worlds… rapporting from all sides. a big winner twins.


and finally the sweetest voice ever from O week called to fill in the details of Oweek stuffs~ hmm~ this is good! cheers. surprise surprise surprise. no hopes of entering the world of bonding fun. and his highness’s in. wow.

surprise surprise 2: finally the dinner session with JJAWE is ready! JUuuuuUDDddYYyyy JJJJjaaAAsssMMmiinNNNee AAAaiIINnnnn WWWwWwwMmmmm EEeEEeeDDdDd is ready! hehe~ funfunfun! postpones after postpones! and the group is ready for a blast since jas n ain grad! old farts… 🙂

surprise surprise 3: finally the HK trip is going on concrete….. wa.. july 19 or 20  to july 24/25 =)  tt’s the way chaps! cantonese time. let’s all brush it UP!

surprise surprise 4: the brain actuallys shows up today! wow! the trip go go out today was worthwhile! nv expect brain to b back tt early! heheh~ hehe! the trend of his highness not having hopes for anythin is AWESOME!’

surprise surprise 5: paveena was there too~ wa… the only rose among 12 thorns 😛 13 strong. a gap of 5 odd years since every1 had a great conversation!

when one has no hopes, and good comes.. it’s a surprise! gd! and when one has hopes for something.. it just gets delayed! postponed! problesm. ppl not coming. ppl afking! so.. morale of story! NV HAVE HOPES> HOPES  R OVERRATED! 


oh~ HAPPY 22th BDAY KT!

happy birthday to you; you are born in the zoo, with the monkeys and donkeys. happy bday to KT!!!!
22 year old rotten moron arse. may ya rot 😛

such big face. to make the unexpected come. to make the sick come (his royalness is still sick)

KT is a moron. a moron for 22 years… HAPPY bday MORON! a jerk tt was known for:-

p3 – p6 =3
sec1-4 =4
jc 1-2 = 2
army 2.5= 3
varsity 1=1

total: 3+4+2+3+1 = 13 crap years!


brain’s seem awlfully quiet n reserved after he got b from canada… hmmm… so distant the presence of his was…

so far yet so near.

welll… guess life in canada must be really shity for him and perhaps time will allow brainy to open up.

after all… brain’s the brain.. and his highness is pinky! 😛


surprisely that humans are pretty native on the politic side and manuplicated side of human nature. a good scores of years in SAF, a politcaly battlefield. it’s odd xl remains pretty native on such a theme.

politics politcs. they r everywhere. politics of joy. pain. happiness.

a political front that can used now and then for different occasions.

political exist btw teachers students. colleguages and even friends.

ever wonder why some people bond together much better then some? y human X is able to share joy and fun with human Y, but is still unable to share emotional bonding in terms of crisis? this is politcs

the political ablitly so smile @ some1 who dun really deserve the smile. the ability to piss another for the sheer joy of fun because the other party could never get angry with u. the art of manipulating the muscles on our face, the tone of the voice to each and every different indivdual that they meet.

it’s politics. some ppl call it maskes 🙂


masks or politics. to survive and fend it off. it depends on the strength the indivdual who encounters the mask. to be sadden by the mask that a close 1 has. or to be strength by it. it depends.

may e lord bless e unwitty! with the light to see beyond the false mask, to different the mask of pure good!

[F]&Ns: dun be sad! masks are everywhere! cheers aok! now.. MONDAY is the day! where we can flaunt our 7-11 jersey! not forgetting number 8-16! oh.. number 5 ‘s not joining. instead he will be freeloading on the actual day. what a frag 5 is. 16, too sure.! CFM strength on monday: 7-11-8!!!!