lonely star

There’s a lonely star shining in the sky tonight
A lonely star shining, breaking up the night
I knew you were watching me from the carousel
It would’ve been easier if your friends weren’t there as well

Could you see me as a poet or an impossible dreamer
Do you see me as one of life’s lack-lustre politic old schemers
I thought of myself as nothing until I met you
Did you think the same as me or were you just passing throug

You got into a discussion about Tolstoy and Descartes
The only cards I knew about were the ace and queen of hearts
It’s only my intolerance that stops you getting through
Did you think the same as me that night or were you just passing through

Kicking open a door you found me asleep in your old chair
I wouldn’t have been so idle if I’d known you’d find me there
Sleeping on the job, my excuses couldn’t prove
That I’d never met a girl who looked as beautiful as you

Packing up my case that night you had no right to be so calm
I’d have stayed if only once – just once – you’d tried to twist my arm
My heart was breaking. So long – you couldn’t watch me go
I would’ve gone before if I knew then what I now know

So goodbye lonely star. Goodbye to all your friends
And all the people watching me lose who are chewing their tobacco ends
Goodbye from me. I hope you can sleep.
And forget you ever knew me because I seem to have lost that need

from: http://www.englishbanana.com/mattpurland/stories19.html

was goggling on ‘stars’ when this poem caught his royalness attention… nice isn’t it?