dear royal chronicles,

it’s been a delightly day to start with, IF we forget the part about being late meeting Vics. and as usual, Vics comes in his sleep in attire to visit JL. a sleep in t-shirt tt’s still crumbles. well.. he claims he changes the bottoms… now.. now.. what abt showering… brushing his teeth and his undergarments? perhaps he forgot those… lol! oh.. vics!

caught up a bit with Vics. just pondering… why is it so everytime one of us gets injuried before any1 really ring the whole group up to “gather”. the other time, it was Vics with a broken leg. this time round, it’s JL with a fractured ribcage and a pierced lung.

guess, that’s the way life is. there’s always a need to have a catalyst to jerk everyone up to attention. perhaps there’s simply too many libras in the ring. 1-2-3-4-5!!! 5 libras i think….

libras are too diplotmat… who tends to resolve and makes plans the demo way. we vote. and when it’s all done… the war’s already over!!!

poor JL’s slightly better.. for his condition.. JUST VISIT HIM!

meet up with the rest of the gang and did some catching up. it’s just a blessing JL got smashed in the ribs.. and not in the brain as Vics feared. At least JL lives! and is not missing any parts!

did some trival things after that. make a few calls there were pleasing to the year. *smiles*

everyones back to Oweek, despite some slight alternations. At least everyone’s back.

piggy got angry. women are hard to understand. as mention b4, it goes like this:-

        when u think you know her… you dun know her
when u think u dunno her… you actually know her..

        when u think women are complex.. they are actually simple to understand
when u think womrn are simple to understand..they are actually complex beings

is miss piggy really angry? is she just doing the classical piggy action again? i wonder…. a friend of 6-7 years…. oh.. someone pls get her attached and calm miss piggy down!!!

more gd news..: Oweek shuffling has succcesfullyu swap me back to R house~ it’s ROllin ROllin ROLLIN!

fun with jack n jill (fun will F n Ms) 😛

did some maths… with GA.maj C. Os. Cli. lw. ly. k. b. f. m. me.. we have 12 strong.. oMG..

penned by

his royal highness