and as the previous goes… the number counts adds on…


1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 7

and so, it numbers 7 unfortunate events or dishearting events that has been happening to royalties…

it bulits on…


sometimes, nothing beats the calm nerve of playing a game sort of stuffs. the art of using gaming to organize thoughts, to ponder yet attain some enlightment from games is thrilling.

not to mention listening to the new S.H.E (this time round.. it’s a little no up to standard) songs.. new Harlem Yu’s(all his songs rock) songs and F.I.R new songs(tt’s up to the mark) with the new alect lansing headphones, tt’s cool n outstanding good in the system! Boom! boom!


royal protector M&Ms was saying this just a while ago. it’s parts and parcel to have ups and downs in the envolution of human life. in the short span we live in… it’s the saddess that bring forward the signifiant of joy. it’s saddess that elevates the status of joy.

then again, wat is true joy? an enlightment? narvana? a step into the light? or an embrace into the lords arms?

beginning to feel that his royal highness should shield up a little now and then,, and be slightly “bo chap”. they should it in the empath training…

over and out…


been using loads of terms like lord. embrace. bless. grace. faith. holy. sins. light. in the daily conversations. is his holyness converting to the cross?

then again, when times are bad… he turns to buddhism. but the words he uses are so much inclined to the cross. on 1 hand, he finds buddist scultures so interestings, with all the grand golden colors.. and the cross dress in white.. excessive white…


a new belief is needed… 1 that involved a hybrid! and perhaps no cell grps involved.

hmmm .. how’s that?


the world is small indeed and still not ready for out of the norms situations.