the most bizzare imaginery situations happen to his royal highness…

tigger was actually talking to his royal highness in dreamland… wow… just who can actually brag about it happening it to them…? perhaps only royalty ever gets the chance for such a blizzard event to even happen.

and so as his highness toss and turn a bit now and then in bed… tigger starts narrating a scenario.


it’s a park. and there’s only 3 characters in the picture. the once was obviously tigger cushion who was doing that narrating and filling the backdrop with neccessay but yet insignifant settings…

the other character was neccessary his royal highness! otherwise.. wat’s the pt of making this entry abt the bizzare imaginery situations of his royal highness…?

the 3rd… let’s keep it a secret… cos the faces keep changing anyway…. changin? huh? ya proberbaly wonding wth (take note: wth – wat the heck) is his royalness blabbering about?

let’s see… face A appear and ask a Qs. face B then replace the face and ask a Qs. face C carried on the baton and perform a similar task. face D goes on.. until it’s so fast that’s it’s simply a blur to even recongize.


what’s the deal abt the Qs tt’s been appearing so many times aboves? for starters.. the mort important factor will be… who’s face are those? do they belong to commoners? royalties? or something beyond human imagaination? it’s human enough for his highness…

2nd: wat gender do they resemble? at this stage.. there’s possible a huge number of hands rising up for support of…..


but everyone’s wrong…

it’s a well balance diet of both… (diet seems to be an inapporiate word). 4 females faces..3 males faces… which interswop till the stars starts forming a ring on his royalness’s crown. who are they? no1 will get it correct… 😛


then the Qs asked were one and the same for each gender grp. the gals ask Qs A. the boys all ask Qs B. but each different face who asked the Qs got a totally different ans. just what does it? favourism? truth and lies to each and diff person? or simply because it applyes to diff situation n people?

his royalness wonders…

and ponders on the wisdom that was answer in the dream…


morale of the dream (story).

1. favourism exsists in everyone. – diff ppl get diff treatment.

2. Qs that male and female formulae are generally vastly really different in ideology and thinking

3. the Qs asked by the males were really possessive in nature..:(

4. if the Qs asked by the females were thought provoking… just how so will happen if such a situation really happenss?


better to be save then sorry. afterall. more then half the time.. sorry is an over-rated concept.

ah.. bitter sorry days…


the Qs has more inspirating notions hidden beneath…  what if the ans was given as a direct yes? a direct no? or a wishy washy half ass joky ans. will the result be different? or will it not?


let’s hopes.. such a Qs will never be asked.


a desire to be asked. a disire to ans truthfully… yet.. it MUSt not be ans truthly…

afterall.. when once tells a truth.. no1 listens..

when lies goes away.. it’s swore by everyone to be the whole truth!


a manipulator is born


pennies for your thoughts.. many pennies indeed. just which genius will guess it correctly?