RV the movie is really an excellant show!! yet again by super duber actor Robin Williams! hmm… was the name type or even spell out correctly? my bad if it goes wrong…

then again.. robin williams rocks! his acting.. the films starring him never fails to amazed his royal highness..

for those who have yet to watch the movie. watch it.

tt’s how all dads should be! wow!

if only his royal highness’s dad halfs as great… AH!

okay… his majesty is just quarter as great… but then.. who cares~

definitly a show to watch~

perhaps to watch alone and smile~ definitly not a show to watch a big bunch of mateys.. since.. who will appriehate such shows? hmmm… i wonder.



then again.. the above map only applies to the general population…

for royalty, there’s a case of overlapping scenario. 😛


this season is filled with loads of new albums releasing…

1. harlem yu

2. s.h.e

3. f.i.r

4. ce tian

4. yu heng

wow! blissed!


judy: 35 for cut wash treament highlight.. but Y NO DYE? OOps… yes.. we should all go! rally a grp or something! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!