there was much intend to make the entry in the royal chronicles a private one. then again. if too much “password” options are enable for the entries… it’s defeats the purpose of virtual screaming.

his highness ended up doing a long entry, that was del by his very own hands. a last min refusal to expose the ugly.

ugly ugly it is.

cheap cheap cheap.

lousy lousy lousy lousy tricks.

2nd rate 2nd rate 2nd rate 2nd rate gimmicks.

not giving credits to his royal highness himself!!! —> unforgivable!

thinking of 青出于蓝,胜之于蓝? PUKE!

ya’re a pervet, ya’re sick. ya can’t be help (x2)
ya buy porn watch porn, ya can’t be help
ya buy porn sell porn, ya’re can’t be help

ya’re a pervet.

nice cheerS? YEAH!


O week was fun! 2 words! ROCK! rock!!!!


FOP was fun too despite minor setoffs! new exposures to a different religion. a diff cultral setting aside from masses. lot s of interesting events.

there a talk on how “women” were e secret weapons of god. and the instant.. his highness thought of something,.

1. we have this poor sleeper caught on the big screen. Poor chap must be drag alone by his girlfriend. he was bored
2. chaps were just eyeballing n not moving the golden mouths when the songs starts. Obvioulsy not interested.
3. sticker glues who just went n act interested! YUCK. the worst!

y? tt’s cos of female company! special female coy~ eek~


7 ppl went to FOp.. it’s festival of praises by the way…

Os was !@#@!$%!_) “funny”. the songs start. he was eyeballing. his highness nudge him. he did. god boy. LOL!

funniest abt Os. he was doing the buddhist praying action @ 1 time. OMG! hehe! BUT.. boos.. ya’re still in catorgey 2.!


wonders.. next yr.. can his highness go too? wa.. FUN

but…  it there’s less standing.. it will be great?
hehe~. just kidding!