and the farmer was pondering just minutes ago on the ride back home…

should he go on the “general man’s code”? which is the one universal rule that all brotherhood shares?

Or.. should he stick on with the farmers’ union through thick and thin?


boys always share some information that’s always does not seem important on women. they prob go, i think this girl is cute. that girl has nice eyes… yeada yeada yeada!!! and wat they say… stays…

a couply of harvest cycles ago… actually, it’s just 4 seasons ago… yeah.. 4 seasons = 1 year

the farmer already second guess wat “he” was thinking… (thinking wat? read the 1st paragraph of the second segment). the farmer kept quiet. and watch as the games goes on. yes.. life is a game. a game within a game.


but of course… wat abt the farmer’ union? based on the principles of the farmer. he gives his loyalty to the 1st group he bonds with. tt’s of course.. if they are pleasant likable people.. like the farmer’s union.

still… the universal brotherhood is valid.



as the seasons pass, the farmer keep quiet about the rapid inflitration which was actually aided by himself. it’s the brotherhood’s rule fault.

trying the ulitmate move to drift away from the union for e recent period. it’s really hard. to be exact, it’s prob a break of limbs situation. the farmer’s union is so much fun. the joy, the fun, the bonding… the bullying…lol

and the farmer watches the shows.


the farmer drifted. he tries to board the paddle boat to drift towards “ah my goddess”. the days were gd. it’s has became a habit of the farmer to have a few joyful moments that he personally enjoyed doing. the days continue to be shiny

o week is fun


oppunities are created for so many people. the farmer, being the farmer has been farming in the paddy fields of others. creating chances, oppuntunies for the few who reaps it.

then again… who’s lending a hand to help him to farm his fields?

farming anyone?

no… the farming unions does not give a shit.

and the farmser resorts to just eyeballing at the goddess temple.

and makes his little merries.



1. the farmer has done wat he should do by the brotherhood rule, which goes against the rules of the farmer’s union

2. the farmer shall no longer care to even bother abt the farming paddies of others.

3. instead, the farmer will stay and make merry with the farmer’s union… and contines the regular visits to the temple of goddess and make more little merry

4. and the farmer sobs


just who is smart enought to guess our the real msg which is encoded? is there no 1 else? any1 gives a shit?

no1 cares… perhaps.. if some1 gives a damm.. they might know..


time to dream of temples!