we see sememster 1 as the semester that has been good.

there was a common event to make the farming days fruitful. and it was random too.
we see sememster 2 as the semester that has been even better.

there was another common event that was worth double the joy. it was random too.

and we see sem 3 as the sem that brings about tears.

ZERO common events. terrible clash of timetable slots.

and the farming decides to redo his timetable for his farming days with advice from the farmer’s union.


2nd thing to be sianz off. Zero commons for the farmer’s union.

and the farmer’s unions had formally acknowledge a new member on board.

be good or bad.

the job is done with e approval of e committee. the days ahead will be fun with another on board


associates. acquatences. hi bye peeps.

friends. good friends. best friends. mateys. dearies. brothers. sisters.

the differents? they flock and go and move on. period.


sch begins in hours later. this will be …

1. fun

2. bad


and the farmer prays for reasons to worship at the temple of the goddess of e winds…

the days on e isle of e winds has began