the day began not as expected for the farmer. it was unexpected indeed.

it’s a monday. for all young farmers, it actually means that they have to begin to attend farming school. and on the isle of the winds, farming school is just like doing varsity degrees in the big cities. instead of the doing boring modules like ENGIN in the cities, the isle of winds farming sch offers modules like farmlogy, hydrofarming, irratigation.

and as the farmer puzzles and ponder on the route to a new lecture seating… a tap goes on his shoulder. the farmer, still carring his plough turns and to his astonishment saw.. someone he remember from Oweek! a fellow yr2 lady counsellor.

the world is small. to meet a fellow yr2 is rocking! some1 worth remebering! small, but full of power. just like angela zhang. yeah! lovely smile 🙂 finally did a formal introduction. forgot to echange phone number. blasted! a new friend a new friend! yeah!!!


lectures and book buying was… nhting worth mentioning about… 😉


dinner with mateys was exciting! =) all of a sudden, everyone becomes more and more beauituful in the eyes of the farmer.


there was a time when a travellor asked the farmer. “what’s true beauty? some with the sexiest curves? very attractive features?”

back then, the farmer was still a kid. he answer the Qs just like any leecher, any superfical chap will do. he decides that it has to do with the sexiest curves, features, that determines beauty.

if the same travellor were to ask the farmer now when he’s now older and gained more experience in life… he will beg to differ.

he will answer: “it comes from beaneath. true beauty shines only after ya know a person after a certain period of time. you see the grace, elegant and the mind beneath the human cast shell. still, we are superfical… we will only discover such qualities if they are plesant enough for us to notice…”

a paradox indeed