the farmer wonders why his life is pretty much a mess from the start of the his sch term.

true, it’s been really awesome when all the beautiful people meet up after a 3 month breakterm.

true, it’s great that there’s new friendships forge from oweek, meeting with new people who’s taking the modules with. just in CL2280, the farmer make a new friend! cool! kawaii.

at least, CL won’t be so boring with PRC. there’s 2 xinyi’s in class! lessons with friends are great!


y’sfor e life a mess? to the farmer’s complete horror… lect 1 = assignments, HOMEWORK to be done and submit soon.

and so, the farmer started doing “LATE” spring cleaning in the room of his straw hut, cupboards study table to make space the new workload.

messy indeed. the dust. books. notes. papaers all flying around.


not to mention a sneezy noise from cleaning! yuck!

it is indeed a mess!


packing and packing… the farmer went through memories loads of eng bks. chi bks. txtbks. photo albums. grad, prom pics.


messy. but definitly worth it!

a mESS indeed! a mess it iS!