perhaps it’s just for his royalness, or simpley, it’s “the man up there’s playing tricks on him”.

we begin a day, a event that brings high hopes and ancipitations for his highness. it goes up in flames.

we begin a day of shit, and his highness feels that it prob can’t get any worse and slips into depress mode. and all of a sudden, “the man up there” gives a blessing and the unexpected by HAPPY event occurs.


these day, with schemes that his highness is awared going on around. his royalnes can’t help but be annoyed n sore. he’s bored. and decides that a overdose of “no true future” was a bad bad mistake. he avoids contact with the inevitable. or at least, he attempts.

“the man up there” twist his life and gives him more then a glimpse. OVERdose is bad. since, his royal highness gets more then it.

he softens and could not help the quicksand effects it’s setting on him.


suddenly, the world was filled with loads of hope, joy. the birds go chirping. everytime looks wonderful on the outside. his confused and lost highness begins to feel hope taking shape.

things go haywire. 😦 [okay..haywire is dramatic… but..that wat the effect is for]

maybe it’s not right to hope a bit. not right to dream a bit. not right to have a little satisfaction.



let’s all NOT look forward to a tomorrow. since we should never look backwards. there’s only the present to fend for.

think not abt tml. or b4.

and wait and see how things go.

for bad or worse.

trend carefully oh highness.


hope is overrated. dejected works fine.


maybe a little hope perhaps? to make the dreams plesant?