and we see the brains blossoming all around the gardens on the isle of e winds… well… not literately brains popping out of no where. how gross that will be… right?

perhaps.. not so to those freaky scientists… “hey.. look… brains are growing out of flowers! a breakthrough… let’s dissect!”

*the crowd jeers and boos..*


yes.. indeed brains blossomed! anther being understands the rample scatterings his royal highness. hurray! cheers!

*pleased* event 1


finally some decent exercises after a long slack holiday. perspire a bit. glided through the winds. felt the winds, breezing through.

the feeling of having the winds blowing to the face, blowing through the hair, perform a cleansing ritual on us… is awesome.

cycled at the back at times. watch the wind blowing through friends’ long hair. cool. grace.


and we backtrack back to days in the classroom. when we see ‘freckles’ drifting around the doorway whereever the winds goes howling…

the wind will comb through her almond shaped short hair… making all the freckles on ‘freckles’ go all the cuter. the glow on the face will beam.

the wind is good. the freckles are lovely. the flowing short hair is cool.

the good alive memories.. don’t last long.

1. sweets are good
2. e winds are good
3. freckles are good
4. almond shaped hair is good.

all but a pale memory… to cherish…


it’s small world. heeren’s like the world. we see cool interesting ppl around. 2 in fact

1. shazzy baby! and we r going out soon with miss piggy
2. kathy!

small world. how come i’m 4ever bumping into 2 of them @ heeren…? lol


good day indeed!

1. exercised
2. pleasant memories relived
3. interesting ppl
4. freckles popping out too. memories relive.

how long will it last?

the storm has already arrived.