and once again, his royal highness has his dreamings again…

visions perhaps? maybe not… a glare into the future?

oh my…my my… his royal highness had indeed became a prophet of visions…

now, prophet can only relate his visions as soon as he sees them. alternatively, he could have pen it down immediately after his visions cleared from his sacred eye.

this particular prophet did not have the luxury of penning down his thoughts as and when he wishes… the only way was to perform a mental capture of wat was vivial and to lock it in a corner of his mind.

what was important that was remembered seems to be vital. otherwise, what is the rationale of keeping the illogical thought?

the setting. it took place in an aircraft. it was another first person view angle. the scene came from his royal highness very own line of sight.

the plane he was on board was crashing. or at least, in some difficulty. there was someone beside him. when the plane was crashing, he was holding on the person’s hand.

oddly, at the crucial moment of live and death. he was feeling: “i can’t hold this person’s hand. it’s not ….”.

GULITY feeling.

still, when the moment exploded. the two hands gripped on tightly then ever.

1. who’s hand was it that he was holding?

2. why did he feel a great sense of wrong when they held hands in the face of death?

3. the hand belong to a girl. who was she?

4. who? someone very familiar. who?


dreams have always reflect the strangest desire or hidden thoughts that the owner has. he may not have acknowlegde it in the front, or even to himself. besides, he has a set of rules that has confine him to his cages. however, his subcouscious mind refuses to see the reasons and develops a situation where his very own thoughts are fulfill in an odd matter.

dreams. are they a remedy? or do they paint a different picture of the individual?

see… to all psy majors… ==> perhaps i can be a psy major too! hmpF


more importantly, who’s hand was it? will his royal highness find out? will he ever?