his royal highness was on the train home after a haphazard day of school at the royal academy…


the door opened and wave of commoners attempted to squeeze into the train, pushing back the wave of people who were trying to alight from the train.

y can’t they let them out first before barging into the train?

don’t they know that the door to the train will always remain open when the sensor detects human flow? why the hurry?

kt wong was saying the other time. in britain, the traffic out of the train comes first. after which, the to-be passengers will then board the train. everything is in systematic order. no rush. no pushing. no barging. and anyone who disobey the norms gets condeems n sneer upon.

the other way round happens on the side of the globe. he who pushes in and stops others from alighting wins…

this is crap.


the mrt train continues to move. more people board the mrt train. an elderly man came in, carrying bags of stuffs. there were no seats left.

no1 gave the seat up to him.

1. it’s perfectable unstandable if every1 sitting down needs to sit down if they need the seat.

2. it’s not okay when those sitting down are all youths.

3. or SAF soliders.

4. or physically fit humans.

…….. !!!!