time to change a new skin layout. after all wordpress been coming with more and more addons, it will be a tragedy not to utillize the advanced features like the customable headers tag =)

look… the ‘balance of judgement” is the result of his royal highess’s own picture uploaded online…

why a change? it’s boring to stick to the old theme. everythings good in this skin.

it’s just that it’s too WHITE… it’s on the other site of the alignment….

other than tt.. it’s COOL!

revamped almost completed.. now… it’s all left to update the links, making sure it points to alive links and not dead links =)


his highness calls this theme : “broken wings”, a decent match of the header, a decent match of the nick icarus`


there was this discussion with her majesty, mother the other day. “he shall not declared wat is not yet to be..”

e.g his highess had vowed not to stardee chinese after Os.
he went to As stardeeing chi.. he vowed to tear all chinese txts in varsity..
he goes on to undertake the chi program… n takes 7 UE instead of 6 in school…

what’s next?

e.g his majesty’s cousin declared to the world he will not married someone who is less inclined in sports as he…
he married a musical instead…

morale of the story: never say wat you desired out loud. the chap up there loves playing pranks…