his royal highness’s parents are weird or something… just why is everything or everyone who is associated to his highness odd, different or somewhat pretty weird?

perhaps it shoulds extreme concern about his every life that her majesty take note of small details. but then again, the species of human who are generally more observant belong to the females (hey, this is scientific proven in the brain structure of heavenly womens =)).


his royal highness had dropped off one of his handphone accessory somewhere on the faces of earth. where entities like ants, bugs chomped them off thinking it’s food.

not long after that, her majesty noticed. she commented “wasn’t that supposed to be a pair of accessories on your phone?” once again, his highness will begin his chain of rationales which he repeats just to anyone who queries about it. “oh… i’ve dropped it somewhere….”

her majest beams in delight… and grinz.. “gave someone? you dont’t have to be shine about it. who was it?”

his royalness frowns and ponders… –> like who wants the other part of the twin accessory…


“oh, you really drop it? nevermind, i’ll go get another pair for you” she exclaimed in royal delight.

and the above mentioned conversation from this section and the above takes place a few more times… since his highness drops it again… and his friends did the same queries :X


finally, her majesty beams in delight TODAY. “here, i got another pair… from KOREA. Hook this on your phone, it comes in a pair”


what will the world think this time?

–> 1. who to give?

–> 2. oh… the other portion with ur gf?

–> 3. new gf? ===> HUH?

–> 4. why are you forever change them (the accessories)… new gf, new accessory?


royal pain in the arse..