and so, his royal highness ponders in an unconvincing manner as the world around him ventures into theme of ‘gentlemen’.

what’s a gentlemen? a really gentle person? or a soft person? nevertheless, his royalness shall not waste time dicussing on the break-up of the word. afterall, he’s not english lingua franca expert. his highness simplies believes (or so boldly declares) that all gentlemen are dead, extincted, and long gone with the dinosaurs.

why such a reaction? it happened when he learnt that the only gentleman he knew was actually a major “hypocrite”, a fart who lies, and turn all plastic. perhaps it’s just … oh… nevermind that. and so, he believes that all gentlemen are either “wayang bastards”, “or damm outright liars”.

okay, back to the focus.

if they are really gentlemen out there. what constitutes a gentleman? just wat are the values that make him one? we wonder about the truth.


his highness was having a chat a couple of hours ago, and he blunders on a truth.

a gentleman is only a gentleman when he is being compared with another

“A” gaudges “Z” on how she is treated by “R”. If “R” sets a standard that is NOT attained by “Z”, R is termed as a gentleman, while “Z” is viewed as doing an ungentleman-like behavior or not doing a gentleman act.

this can be directly seem as:

a. R opens the door. Z does not. hence R is a gentleman, Z isn’t.

b. R makes sure the ladies are back saft and soft at home. Z does not. hence, R is branded gentleman. Z isn’t

c. R the last to leave. Z leaves first, midway etcetc. Once again, Z is not a gentleman.

d. dress in tall hats, coats ane walks with a cool looking cane?


perhaps the following can be the truth too?

R does the things mentioned above and isn’t really affected by it. he gets branded the title of gentleman. does it meant he has to conformed to the catergory of being a “gentleman”. does he loses all forms of pleasure in bring a “naught, cheeky moron?” YES.. he does. now he can “tease”, make “cheeky” remarks… since he will be label as a “R, you are really not a gentleman”.

R slips into “HUH” mode. and retaliates by saying “hehe… i’m never a gentleman” and grinz…” and wrapped by making a cheeky remark.

R can’t help but ponder. has he made a blunder? is she annoyed with me? does she hates me? what’s wrong? despite the cheerful brave front, he dreads to know… especially if it’s a remark made by …..

even if it’s not…. he stills dreads…
one moment, he’s the gentleman.. the other moment, he’s transformed into the lowest lifeform on earth. this is annoying. indeed, it is.


so, do not brand another human, as gentleman.

remember, all gentleman are extinct. dead as dead meat (or watever that matters), they belong to the hypocritical era of tall black hats, tail-coats and walking canes..
make rooom for cheeky cheeky chaps… and the world brightens…


风在窗外吹,落叶一片片打在窗户上,就像是一只疲倦的手,拨弄着枯涩的琴弦。。。虽然有声音,却比无声更沉闷。。。 — 古龙