every semester, or rather, every year, there has always been moments worth rejoicing about.

for instances, lets take semester 1 year 1 as a starting point. his royal highness was totally horrify when he had to enroll in a module with no friends in his tutorial class. it was the beginning of a horrible semester, he decreed…

and in that particular SA2203, chinese business module…. he meet cool people whom he has kept in contact up till now. people like confidence judy, crazy jasmine, weird wm, gigglish ain, mia ed. still keeping good contact with juudee~ then again, it’s always the gals that are more friendly and chatty. the guys… generally keep thier mouth shut all the time. how boring!

and in semester 2 year 1, research module nm2102, he face the same delimma again. and he meet impressive ling, uncle aaron, theatre kajiong denise, cool jeremy.

now in semester 1 (in his opinion, semester 3), year 2, he enrolls in cl2280 braving the module with expections he won’t know anyone again. and he meet kawaii mermaid, kawaii swampthing, kawaii square pond, kawaii lulu, kawaii ying2. and already with just 3 meetups on 2 projects… the bonds forge were going strong. an outing is already on the minds of swampy =). cheers~

we notice 1 pattern. to have fun, bonding… it is neccesary that no1 else knows any1 else before hand. the previous and exisint bondings will spoil all the fun. when everybody has no idea who and how everybody is … it is FUN.

life is good. stardeeing is fun. boys are boring.

women, without her, man is nothing –> this should the idealogy….


the cats are shierking awhile ago. it was around 2358 hrs when his royal highness last looked at the clock in his royal chambers.

hmmm.. and then he realizes that lunar seventh month’s over. 2 months of it was over… and the people says the gates of hades’ closing… the shriekings were due to the sensativity of the cats who can sneak peek into the spirtual world….

phew.. thankingfully his highness’ back in his chambers… and didn’t get to see a thing. PHEW.

so now that it’s over… it’s time for mooncakes…

crystal skin mooncakes anyone? hehe.. (traditional mooncakes aren’t as nice loh.. wonder why the folks love it…?)


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still can’t made this flow.. damm it!