and when his royal highess was focused, giving his fullest attention on caressing, touching, fixing a certain NOTEBOOK (how sad indeed), [F]&Ns asked a thought provoking question.

since his royalness was getting cheeky all over the steamlined body of the NOTEBOOK (truly sad), he didn’t really a answer that the serious question deserved.

after some thought on a ride home where he nearly fell unconscious, he pondered.

oh wait… so wat was the zillion dollar question? –> What are boys so good in computers, gadgets. Is it inert in them? Or do they learn it? (well.. the question was indeed phrase somewhere in those lines)


1. the brain structure is diff for guys, boys have brain structure that carters a bigger portion to techs?

2. in reality… it goes likes this…

a. boys in their childhood dun really gather in groups as their female counterparts do. in reality, they meet in school, rough around, go home, stardee/ play and starts the process for destroying and dismanteing their home.

b. on the other hand, girls, with more emotional qualiies, will tend to meet up after school, to engage in bonding activties. because this takes time to fufill, they have less time to destroy their homes (however, this is not to say that they do not wreak their homes…..^_^)

c. because of the extra time that boys have, because they are generally hyperactive in nature (look at the barbarians genes in the boys) they go exploring.

d. all boys play computer games (yes..okay.. every one plays lah). they mingle with computer lingua, settings, and other techy nonsenses…

e. boys read the manual in general. why? TO maXs their gaming experience, or rather,, they were reading for cheats, cracks, hacks in the games… and for all the key shortcuts that will improve their gaming speed and gaming experience.

f. couple with the manuals… handson destruction… this result in guys being more techy in matters….

3. alternatively, the world of gender sterotypes conforms them to such a role

a. guys are in generally technology savy. (argue all of you could… how many of you have said :” guys ma.. more tech savy… guys are the correct one to ask when the computer breaks down; computer fix it chaps in stores are guys anyway…; no arguments abt ttt… if any 1 disagrees,,, his highness can list 5 names who have this thought [of course.. gals are equally capable too.. {another 5 names he can list}])

b. in order for guys to survive in this world.. they have to conform to this field. so, learn they MUST. to impress, to look good, and watso ever reasons.

these days.. men are the poor souls of society… (kidding)


now we see why men are the ‘techy’ idiots…