some one unknown linked his royal highness today… hmmm….

he/she seems to have a lot of contacts…. but who was it? his highness continues to ponder…


feelign extremely odd today. perhaps, it the result of a chain of unusual events that rock the world upside down, rightly left, lefty right and downside up…. perhaps…. who knows?

feeling edgy


1. at least, one thing went well…

interview with swamp was a success =)

2. Yellow Ribbon Project = YRP = initials for his royal highness’ name…

3. ttsh trip was okay. things look okay… he hoped 😡


things that  screw up… a lot

1. everyone remebers about everyone’s else… everyone bothers about everyone elses…

2. 爱屋及乌 … lickers annoys me

3. feelin edgy…

4. mixed up rabbit’s bday date. shit.

5. can’t help but ponder upon an great wall of China being bulit.

6. so near yet so far. impossible to scale over a certain drawbrigde.

7. vexed after causal conversation with her majesty. puzzled. parents like to “encourage” social bonding. tmd

8. there has been no time for real luxury play =(

9. some unknown  moron got 100 marks in nm2219.. and tt’s annoying.. cos some moron score higher then his highness…

10. serously need a pat in the back, a smile, a cat’s wink, or even decent 2 hr lunch.

11. vexed. edgy. annoyed. alone. distanced. driftd. lacking in lots of As n Ls. Ks. totally insecure abt stuffs.

12. phone calls annoys. esp e purpose of screws up.

13. screw e world.


god bless grans