pride… a sense of pride…!!!

great sense of pride indeed when books of value are given new “clothes”. a shiny coat of plastic wrap is all that is needed to rejuvenate the life in the books, textbooks, dictatories and books (yes, it’s mentioned twice to “stress” its importance).

not one, not two, not even three, but a total of nine babies in shiny “clothes”. who says books aren’t babies! they are the pride and joy of his royal highness!!! nine babies!!! –> let’s sidetrack a little here —> cats have nine lives!!!

isn’t the this cat cute?



it is funny to notice that, even old crumpled, tattered,dog eared, cat eared, chewed up cover pages are given back the edge with a plastic wrap.

impressive! the art and beauty of a cheap 70 cent worth of plastic wrap.

not to mentioned the extreme pleasure of doing it by oneself, instead of relying on book jackets that not only cost a bomb, but also aren’t showing the money’s worth in it.


the world welcomes more people who appriehiates cantonese as a language. we have K, B who’s totally into learning cantonese due to the existene of edson chan, the hongkong singer. now we have Yinger, a new friend who memorizes cantonese song because she loves a certain song, and S who happens to like the same song too! even Mlove another canto song by cetian.
small world indeed.

suddenly everyone’s around his highness into cantonese. cantonese is an art. indeed, it is , more then ever!


the world continues to split into 2 sides. the half goes gaga over wat an angel his royal highness is. the other halves says he’s a meanie these days. not one, but two, but three. not.. was it four? okay, maybe it’s just one who drags in a two…


i’m a meanie, i’m bad, i can’t be stop —>

why does this entry on “his royal highness” sound like a mockery? a joke?

it’s not =(

being a meanie is fun! a tool to put some stuffs behind the mind. of course, seeing smiles all around has its benfits too, yet, it can’t be compare to be a meanie…

and it’s already sept 30 as his royal highness stares at the clock in his chamber. not one, but two, but three… not.. it’s actually five clock mechanism in his royal chambers…

just one more day before its progress to october.

still…. events happen that drags to october. as cousin mumu says, the results will be out in three days time. now, what will happen to the royal family? his highness ponders and prays


october will come. trees will fall, flowers wither, but october will come. just like the rainbows after a storm. the greater the storm, the better the rainbow appears.

hand in hand, the royal family walks together and prays…


looks like another meanie time frame…