children’s day fall on June 01. Singapore’s children day falls on Oct 01. As the clock hand progress from Sept 30, 2006 to Oct 01, 2006, his royal highness cheers as it represents a new era, a new life, a new month.

the world celebrates this day with a newsworthy news from his highness’s friend. his friend’s on national tv… for a grand period of perhaps 30s?

his higness is honored to be one of the privilege few to learn of the news… and cheers! he does this by posting this on his msn agent :
〖his royal highness is proud to know “i-wrist c ‘swallow’ thing”。。。〗



children’s day, a day that will be missed by his highness. children’s day has no longer invited his highness into their world since he graduated from elementary school. the leap into secondary education gave him an invitation to youth’s day. hmmm… not a good exchange.. since children’s day FUN.

well.. his highness feeling OLD… oh well…

nevertheless, he is still sweet sweet 21! soon to be 22… =(


hmmm! and now… on Oct 01, 2006, time checked at 0336 hrs… he decides to turn in, to his chambers for a children’s day dream!