music: his royal highness – [royal grumblings] – 01 hy1101e essay screws us up.mp3

Oct. 20 is a dateline for a certain essay that amounts to a grand total of 1,500 words. grand? it is not! a mere 1,500 words shouldn’t be a hinder to the creative mind of his royal highness…

but this time round, it prove to be one major problem.

Boring! and it’s with a capital B. boring questions, one that involve really in-depth digging in the musty smell, yellow-paged books isn’t really the hippest nor the coolest thing for one to do. on the otherhand, his highness is too used to doing some finger tapping on the internet which also happens to generate great fruitful results.

argh!!! he goes… rams his heads onto the desk, smacks his head for an attempt to clear the writer’s block. and still, the blank screen on the notebook monitor stares back at him, BLANKLY and squarely in the eye.

mockery indeed. indeed, it is. since when writing (okay… it’s actually more of typing in this context) was a problem. the lovely sound of the tapping tapping should be an continous symphony, instead of the groans, moans that is coming out from his royal vocal cords.

stilll… the screens goes blank.

too lazy to flip the boring old stinky library books. hell yeah… books written in 1992, and even olden then his highness himself is not cool to touch or flip. the papery dust feeling itches….

doing something that is boring, and against once interest is totally disheartening!