he was very determined this time round. he was so very determined. he was very determined. indeed, he was. truly he was. he was determined to cross the road, and move up the hill.

the belief that he has finally gotten the courage was overwhelming. it filled him with zeal. yes, zeal. lots of it.

the road gave him some encouragement. she cleared the cars on the road. she got herself tarred with “bright” dark tars. she got “dressed” in white and yellow zigzag strips.

and so, he decided to cross the road.


a bus that was plastered with advertisments came rumbling on the road. oh, how loud it was. how rowdy it was. and how happy it was. blasting music of blissed and all… the ads on the bus shows beaming smiles.

the wheels of the bus, plastered on the road. it stop right infront of him. right in front of him. dead right in front of him. mocking him with the ads which leapt out from the “pages”. mockery mockery they sang.

he saw it. and didn’t dare to cross the road…


the road continues to be inviting. the bus remains plastered on the road, blocking him from crossing the road. he wants to cross the road.

he weeps alone, silent in the nite far from the road.

still on the road, the bus mocks again with its bus horns…


the ads continue to taut him from crossing. still…


for once,i yield defeat。。。束手无策。。。total defeat。。。