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his royalness goes on his boring routine of opening all the blog links on his firefox web browser, and skirms (there is obviously a spelling error here… hmmm?). he continues to read about all the funny and interestings stuff that content creators creates, up from anime, techs to the royalty list. and of course, WORDPRESS news =)


wordpress had gotten new widgets again. or rather, it was stale news dated a few days back. his highness checks the blog traffic search engine list. he continues to be amaze by the “content” people type.

here it goes:

1. names he is familiar with always appears on the blog.

2. XXX is the third most searched entry. well.. why? notice that his highness uses XXX as a divider for different ideas?

3. downloads occupied the 2nd choice.

it’s cute to know why people search for their names on the blog.

names include:

a. “mandy goh” –> who’s that?

b. “micheal tay” –> who’s that?

and of course, familliar names that his highness know. it is understandable if a particular human WXYZ get’s curious on this blog and search for his or her own name, “WXYZ” to ponder if his highness has made any entries on him or her.

the puzzling notion is… why will some1 seach WXYZ in variations of it endlessly on multiples entries?

we have:


etc, etc, etc…..

are weird people stalking a friend of his royalness? who is stalking WXYZ on his highness’s site?

a puzzle indeed.

no wonder WXYZ once say on WXYZ’s blog that WXYZ is $%^&*(….