0457 hrs, morning, the cats continues to meow in the surroundings of the estate.

at around 0215 hrs, his royal highness receieved an email from a friend on surveys. it was signed off as ABCB (stressed) [ABCD is a name, you dunce].

stressed? more like motivated! it sparkled his highness to work hard too….on his homework, assignments, essays…. (the list just goes on)
time check: 0459 hrs….


still feeling oddly refreshed after a nice cool shower…

the haze has oddly encourage his royalness to nap and nap and nap and nap etc……. hence, he’s rather full of energy to work/mug/stardee!

PSI was 150: it nearly killed him.


the opening at YST COM (yong siew tongs conversary of music) was splendid! the speeches were.. the usual stuff.. thanking so and so.. the boost of a better future in this and that. unveiling of some big stone…

in his opinion, it was rather the music pieces that were the thrilling part.

piece one souned like a story theme. the flow of music seem to construct a flowing journey of some sorts. at least, that’s what came in the royal thoughts. it has lots of feel to it!

piece two: TOTALLY ZZZZZZZzzZ in his highness opinion. he really can’t appreihiate piano play. it lulls him to ZZzzzZZ… but it was good. the rest like it.

pices three: it’s seems to champion the beginning of LIFE itselfs. mother nature’s wrath~ splendid piece! the is the best!


annoying parts of the day:

1. killing haZE made his highness KO when he was back home!

2. NOT AGAIN…. he is registered as Miss. once again in a event. YRP becomes YRT. it ended with a ‘Ting’. omg!

back in the yellow ribbon conference.. he was registered as Ms. YRP… now in YST COM, he’s YRT…

now everyone knows why he absolutely doesn’t show that much zeal when his chinese name is used….

and Lu Li’s thinks it nice… omg… (okay.. the part in which she say the royal mahjesties are people with depth was pleasing… afterall, the name RP does have a poetry beginning )

stilll… his royal highess is HIS. not her royal highness…